March 9, 2021

30 years of generosity – L’

For over 30 years now, Béatrice Héon Fréchette has decided to change the lives of people around her through volunteering. While not getting involved for prizes or honors, she was most recently offered a 2020 Seniors Tribute Award.

Since 1989, la Madelinoise has been a member of the Saint-Louis-de-France mutual aid committee. She has also been a member of the Table Abus Action Aînés Mauricie since 2005, in addition to having sat on the Accommodation, International Day of Seniors and Guide How to Choose a Private Residence for Seniors Committees.

“Our committee is a committee of mutual aid, of charity. We help the elderly, disabled, sick and disadvantaged. They are also given support in preparing their budgets. Since the arrival of COVID-19, however, we’ve been limited, so we’re making Christmas baskets right now. Before, we made home, hospital and CHSLD visits. When schools resume, we help families with clothing and school equipment, ”she says.

“We are also helping with the Meat and Lunch Box Project. It consists of shopping for groceries once a month and distributing fresh and perishable food to the less fortunate people in the parish. We check the flyers and look for a lot of specials that end on Wednesdays. We collect fresh food such as fruits and vegetables, yogurt, eggs and cheese, ”adds the one who is also one of the founders of the Interville Coop de solidarité in care and home services, and who is also volunteer at Héma-Québec.

Béatrice Héon Fréchette’s journey does not end there. She is also one of the founders of the Regroupement des aidants naturel de la région 04 Nord, in addition to having participated in the implementation of training Help without exhausting yourself, Grieve and grow and Safe travel techniques for beneficiaries for home helpers.

“I have always volunteered. I am a practicing Catholic. I had very religious parents and my godmother was the priest’s servant. Since I was very young, it’s like second nature to me, so whenever there’s a need and I can do a little bit, I do it. It’s like a full-time job and even while I was working, I was volunteering, ”adds the one who was a teacher by training.

“Our pay is really the smile of people and when we see that we have helped a person. It is when you see in their eyes that they are really happy. I remember this time, at the Mutual Aid Committee, where we prepared Christmas baskets and I was at the table with toys collected by schools. A grandma was looking at the toys and I offered to take one. She replied, “If you only knew how fun it is to choose toys for our grandchildren”. I am still moved by it today. ”

She retired in 2016 and she does not intend to sit at home, at least as long as health allows her to continue to spread the good around her.

“I am grateful, happy and proud of my award, but it is not the primary goal of our actions when we volunteer. Our goal is to help people. At the moment my husband and I have been in voluntary isolation since 1er October because we don’t want to take chances. You don’t want to risk contracting the virus. Moreover, my husband has always supported me in my efforts and he also helps people a lot and does volunteer work at my old job. As long as I can continue to help, I will do it, ”she concludes, all smiles.

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