February 28, 2021



A “marathon of marches” for the benefit of the homeless – L’

Marie-Anne Laperrière, physiotherapist, trainer and owner of Équilibre Urbain, is committed to climbing 3,500 to 4,000 steps per day throughout the confinement period imposed by the Quebec government, from December 25 to January 11.

In total, this is a challenge of 63,000 to 72,000 steps that will be carried out in support of the Le Havre Center.

“For over a year now, I have been training on stairs, three to five times a week. I never talk about it and I don’t challenge it either. Last week, I told myself that despite the pandemic, my company, Équilibre Urbain, succeeded, thanks to more than 150 wonderful people, in weathering this storm and I feel really blessed ”, explains the one who will attack the staircase located at corner of 4e Rue and Boulevard du Chanoine-Moreau.

“It was cold outside and I was going up my stairs at -22. I told myself that it is not the reality of everyone to be pampered, many of whom live and sleep outside, with a few cardboard boxes as shelter to fight the cold. I was therefore advised to contact the Le Havre Center. I was right on time, because when I called, I was told that the ovens had just broken and that they had to be replaced at a cost of $ 10,000. ”

To donate to the cause, you can make a check payable to the Fondation du Center Le Havre at 1486 rue Brébeuf, in Trois-Rivières. It is also possible to donate by credit card via the https://www.canadahelps.org/fr/dn/7129 or a PayPal donation at https://paypal.me/fondationcentrehavre.

“I really wondered how I could use what I do every day and improve it, and who would demand more of me, but for a good cause so I did. I’m going to climb 3,500 to 4,000 steps a day instead of 3,000 to 3,500, ”she adds.

“In fact, the ovens at the Le Havre Center are turned off after more than 30 years of loyal service,” says Jacynthe Laing, responsible for philanthropic activities and communication in Le Havre. In operation for over 10,950 days, they have fed users. At three meals and two snacks per day, per user using our services, do the math. They can say “mission accomplished”, but now we have to replace them in order to continue to feed our users. Be aware that the number of users continues to increase with the current health situation and that the entire amount raised will be used to acquire kitchen equipment, ”she concludes.

If she succeeds in her challenge, the young healthcare professional will have climbed the equivalent of 1,500 meters more… than Mount Everest!

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