March 2, 2021



Assessment of COVID-19 outbreaks at the Trois-Rivières hospital – L’

The Center hospitalier affilié universitaire régionale (CHAUR) of Trois-Rivières took stock, in the middle of the afternoon, about the outbreaks that took place within its walls.

It was Dr. Lise-Andrée Galarneau, microbiologist-infectious disease specialist and infection prevention and control officer at the CIUSSS MCQ, who spoke on this subject.

“We had three other outbreaks, one in the coronary unit, one in the cardiology unit in Trois-Rivieres and one in the emergency room of the CHCM in Shawinigan. Everything is under control. We still do not have an outbreak in our CHSLDs. The reason I wanted to update is because it’s more active in the last week, ”she said.

“Currently, in the community, COVID-19 has circulated abundantly and our workers are part of the community, both in the school environment, at work and in the care environment. Most of our workers acquire it outside of healthcare settings, so in the family setting. ”

In total, therefore, nine outbreaks took place at CHAUR.

“It puts enormous pressure on us, among our workers. Almost 350 have contracted COVID-19. We have five hatching units, that is to say where there is transmission among workers or users. There are other powered-on units where vigilance is increased a notch. As for the five in outbreak, we have the COVID-19 unit where we continue to see transmission at the rate of a few workers per week, often among those who have less experience, ”she added. .

“We also have the 5e gastro, at CHAUR, where we have had an active outbreak since November 22 (four users and one worker). As for the general medicine unit at CHAUR, the outbreak has been in progress since November 16 (four users and three workers). Since November 27, we have had an outbreak on 4e surgery, still at CHAUR, attributable to admissions of patients originating from the emergency room. We repeat that everything is under control and we will continue to use our recipes to counter other outbreaks. ”