February 25, 2021



Avoiding isolation one step at a time – L’

A text written by Francine Ayotte, director at APAMCQ.

Jacinta, 34, suffered a stroke this summer which resulted in damage to the left hemisphere of her brain reaching the language area. She has almost lost the use of speech. Jacinthe, a teacher by profession, also paralyzed on the right side. Unable to speak, her partner Mario must always be with her to help her in her daily life.

Since the stroke, Mario has been distraught and feels very helpless. He feels that their whole life has turned upside down. He no longer understands the language of his beautiful Jacinthe and he no longer knows how to communicate with her. He also realizes that Jacinthe is isolating herself to avoid having to express herself. The more days go by, the more her partner moves away from people who might come into contact with her. She isolates herself and no longer wants to socialize, she who before her stroke was a very sociable person.

Mario therefore decided to consult a social worker to whom he expresses his fears, his helplessness and especially his sadness in the face of this lack of communication between him and his wife. He looks for a way to break Hyacinth’s isolation as well as to encourage her to socialize and persevere in order to learn different ways to communicate. He would like to stimulate it, but he lacks the resources to do so.

The social worker therefore told her about the Association des personnes aphasiques de la Mauricie et du Center-du-Québec (APAMCQ), which offers support services to people with aphasia through workshops to stimulate communication and activities to break isolation. The APAMCQ is also present to defend the rights of people with aphasia. The social worker informs Mario that caregivers can also benefit from support services in order to better go through the learning of their new life as a caregiver.

Jacinthe has been attending APAMCQ for a few months now and has resumed the desire to express herself. She shows a lot of interest in stimulation workshops. She realized that despite her disability, she could still communicate. Mario, for his part, with the advice and documentation provided by the organization, knew how to develop the right way to communicate with Jacinthe. Their social life has resumed and the two lovebirds are very proud of it!

Aphasia, no one is immune!

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