February 25, 2021



Badeaux parking lot sold to Olymbec – L’

The City of Trois-Rivières sells the Badeaux parking lot at the appraisal price, up to $ 50,000, to the company Olymbec.

In return, the City promises to acquire at the appraisal price a piece of land adjacent to the future agrifood innovation center, that is, the space delimited by Saint-Georges, Saint-Antoine and Champlain streets, which belonged to Olymbec.

Mayor Jean Lamarche assures us that this transaction will revitalize this sector and that it is a “win-win-win transaction” between the City, the CECi and Olymbec.

“We are also upgrading land strategically located in the heart of downtown. This land will be rehabilitated and decontaminated. With this transaction, we are reworking this ecosystem, ”underlines Mayor Lamarche.

For its part, Olymbec wishes to modernize the infrastructure and improve the parking offer in the city center. The company is also counting on the development of a partnership with CECi.

By selling the multi-level parking, the City is also responding to one of the Auditor General’s recommendations on rebalancing the management of its building stock based on its maintenance workforce.

The City should also have invested several million dollars in renovating the parking lot as early as 2022.

The municipal administration had to have the approval of the city council before completing the next stages of the transaction.

Remember that the City of Trois-Rivières had the opportunity to sell the Badeaux parking lot to the G3R real estate company, which manages the CECi, in July 2018. The resolution to formalize this sale was beaten nine to six. The G3R real estate company had made an offer to purchase in the order of $ 1.9 million, the market value of the parking lot in 2018.

The Badeaux multi-level parking lot has 425 parking spaces. Two years ago, it was estimated at $ 2.7 million the amount of work needed to restore the site.

More details to come