March 3, 2021



Bay Area man charged with meth trafficking after undercover DEA agent allegedly buys eight pounds

OAKLAND – Federal prosecutors charged a man with selling multiple pounds of methamphetamine to an undercover Drug Enforcement Administration agent working in the East Bay, court records show.

Luis Fuentes-Solis, 32, was charged this week with distribution of a controlled substance, a federal offense that carries a maximum 40-year prison term and a $ 5 million fine. He remained in pretrial detention at Santa Rita Jail in Dublin and prosecutors have filed a motion to keep him there until the case is resolved.

Fuentes-Solis allegedly met with an undercover DEA agent at the Tom Bates Regional Sports Complex soccer fields on Gillman Street in Berkeley and sold him a pound of methamphetamine. Authorities claim the deal was the result of text message conversations where Fuentes-Solis allegedly told the agent he had “something good” and boasted about having 40 pounds of meth for sale.

Ten days after the first meet-up, Fuentes-Solis allegedly met with the agent at the soccer fields a second time and sold an additional seven pounds, the prosecution motion alleges. Agents arrested him after the second deal.

Prosecutors have portrayed Fuentes-Solis as both a danger to the community and a flight risk, arguing that because he faces possible deportation to Guatemala on top of the criminal charges, he’s likely to flee the area if he’s released. Fuentes-Solis’ lawyer has not yet filed a written response to the prosecution motion, which a judge has yet to rule on, according to court records.

“The government is not aware of whether Fuentes-Solis has any community ties, is gainfully employ