February 25, 2021



Bellemare inherits the transport of REM wagons – l’hebdo journal

The Metropolitan Express Network (REM) is one of the largest public transit projects under construction in the Montreal region. Transport Bellemare International – Groupe Bellemare will be responsible for picking up the wagons at the Port of Newark, New Jersey.

The Metropolitan Express Network will have 26 stations and will cross the greater Montreal area. It will be connected to the Montreal metro, as well as to the airport. It should be commissioned in 2022.

“We inherited the contract from the train manufacturer that went to tender. Trains arrive at the Port of Newark in New Jersey. We are then responsible for transporting it, from Newark to Brossard, as well as to the other REM facilities, ”explains François Boisvert, Director of Sales and Business Development at Transport Bellemare International.

“In total, we will be transporting 111 sets of two wagons, which makes 222 trains. The REM is two trains assembled together, both autonomous. ”

The continuation of the contract will go into January, which is expected to run for a period of one and a half to two years.

“Train transport is fairly new to us. You will therefore understand that Bellemare is really proud to be part of this economic project and proud to help mobilize people in an electrical circuit. It also means that, in the future, we will be able to do this kind of transport there. Trailers were made specifically for this contract, with integrated rails. However, they can also be used for something else, ”adds Mr. Boisvert.

“We are also going to design the E-Houses (electric rooms) and the components of the REM. At each station, there will be a large 60 foot electric chamber, made up of four modules of 100,000 lbs each. In the rooms, there is everything that controls the electricity of the train. We therefore also obtained the contract for these electric buildings, ”he concludes.