February 25, 2021



Black Friday: increased police surveillance – L’

Black Friday: Increased Police surveillance

The Trois-Rivières Police Department wishes to inform the population that businesses will be subject to increased surveillance during the “Black Friday” shopping on November 27.

Given the high traffic observed, mainly in supermarkets during this legendary shopping day, the police will pay particular attention to compliance with public health rules related to Covid-19.

Thus, given the current situation and the recent outbreaks in various regions of Quebec, the police will mainly monitor compliance with the physical distance of 2 meters between customers in outdoor queues, but also inside businesses.

The police will also visit shopping centers to ensure that customers wear masks. Work to raise awareness of compliance with health measures will be privileged, but the application of the regulations by issuing statements of offense could be an option, if necessary.

The Trois-Rivières Police Department, with the approach of the holiday season, remains concerned about the public health issue related to non-compliance with the measures decreed by the government and wishes the population to adopt responsible behavior.