February 27, 2021



Caroline St-Pierre: Artist and Entrepreneur

It had been over a year since the artist-painter Caroline St-Pierre had in mind to open an art gallery. As several of her art projects were put on hiatus at the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, she took advantage of the context to focus on this project.

It is in the Lanaudière region, more precisely in Berthierville, that the Berthelet Art Gallery has a storefront. “My business partner, Olivier Mineau, and I chose Lanaudière because there is a lot of creation, but little distribution in art galleries. We also feel the enthusiasm of artists to return to galleries, ”says Caroline St-Pierre.

Although we know her mainly for her paintings, the artist from Trois-Rivières wishes to make room for several artistic disciplines within the walls of the gallery, whether it be screen printing, sculpture, paper works or even art. digital.

“Digital art is little promoted in art galleries at the moment, but it is an innovative market. There will also be painting, of course. I want to work with contemporary artists, to discover different artistic currents and share all this in words easy for everyone. We aim to bring art closer to people. The population is locked in with the pandemic. With the virtual, people have become more aware of online art, ”she explains.

This is why the web part of the art gallery is more developed. The online store already presents several works. In addition, we can learn more about the different artists.

“We strive to make the history of each artist known so that new consumers can get to know them too and learn about their background,” she explains.

The owners of the art gallery also intend to focus on the needs of artists such as framing, scanning and printing of works, as well as various support services.

“I have had a lot of experiences with galleries. There are often different ways of doing things from place to place, notes Caroline St-Pierre. Over the years, I have been able to perceive elements that come back. We want to support artists so that they can show off: hang in corporate circles, how to create a collection… We also want to offer a rental service for young entrepreneurs. ”

“Selling yourself isn’t necessarily an artist’s number one talent,” she adds. I would have liked to have received this type of support early in my career. ”

She also wishes to put her experience as an international guest artist at the service of the artists of the Berthelet Art Gallery. “It’s a lot of work to know how it works with other countries when you want to exhibit works there. Exhibiting across the world is doable, but you have to prepare accordingly. I want to work internationally for the long term and develop links, ”she says.

The art gallery will physically open its doors in January 2021, according to the health measures in force. Caroline St-Pierre has always had this interested side in business and she appreciates the balance that this more rational hat gives her, in addition to her artist hat.

“I feel comfortable wearing these two hats. It allows me to better understand the needs. In addition, Olivier and I have additional tools. We are anchored in a new trend of art galleries. ”

However, Caroline St-Pierre does not give up painting. She will soon resume creating series and orders for clients. At the same time, she also sits on the cultural committee of the MRC d’Autray.