March 8, 2021

Christmas festivities in the city center: more than 1,500 people at the rendezvous – L’

The Christmas festivities downtown generated considerable spinoffs during the three weekends of activities between December 4 and 20. More than 1,500 people took part in the fun and gourmet courses on offer.

The various courses were also full, both day and evening.

The family section hosted more than 825 people alone, entertaining young and old alike through six puzzles leading to the discovery of Santa’s official letterbox. Rachel’s Follies marked the end of the course where the children found the box stolen by the gnomes and for which an activity to bring back and do at home; decorating Christmas cookies as a family, where the magic could continue.

In addition, more than 750 gourmets took part in one of the two gastronomic and entertaining courses. An additional date has been added to the program, after having felt the enthusiasm of gourmets in the region, namely Thursday, December 17.

In addition, the time slots have been doubled for the 2nd and 3rd weekend, in compliance with social distancing and public health requirements.

Offered by Culture Trois-Rivières, the finals by the fire and traditional dance were able to brighten up the end of the evening for the participants.

The direct economic spinoffs are in the order of nearly $ 34,000.

Gena Déziel, Executive Director of Trois-Rivières Center, is overwhelmed by the results obtained from the project: “It is an idea that quickly took shape in which restaurateurs and partners united in order to make possible these initiatives that have created magic in the hearts of the participants ”.

Happy indirect spinoffs are also reported by businesses and beneficial during this holiday season. The influx of people in the city center, as part of the routes, made it possible to meet one of the objectives of the organization, which is to stimulate vitality in the heart of the city.


Participating restaurants

Entertaining course: Angéline, Le Brasier 1908, Café Frida, Le Temps d’une Pinte, Madame Woo, Manoir du Spaghetti

Gastronomic journey: Le Buck gastronomic pub, Les Contrebandiers, Le Lupine, Le Pot Papilles et Cocktail, Black Pepper, Red Wine