March 1, 2021



Christmas gatherings are canceled – L’

Stéphane Lévesque, Local Journalism Initiative

The moral contract that the Prime Minister offered to Quebeckers no longer holds. Faced with the number of new daily cases which remain above 1,000, François Legault announced at a press conference that there would be no gatherings authorized in the red zone between December 24 and 27.

“We must face the facts … that we will not succeed in slowing the progression of the virus by Christmas … We are almost reaching the limit (in hospitals)”, justifies the Prime Minister by recalling that 6,600 employees of the health network are absent. “Even though we’ve been trying for nine months, we still have a few difficult months. Let’s be careful so that we reach the finish line as much as possible. Let’s take care of each other, ”he adds.

“We’re going to have a quiet Christmas,” recognizes François Legault while recalling that it was allowed to visit single people on their own. Loneliness that can be even more difficult to live with during the holidays recalls the Prime Minister.