March 1, 2021



COMPLAINTS. COMPLAINTS .: – Travel Industry Today

The head of Canada’s transport regulator says the 11,000 complaints filed to the Canadian Transportation Agency since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic will not start to be processed until early next year.

CTA chairman Scott Streiner says the agency is struggling to handle another 11,000 complaints it received between last December and March, immediately after a new passenger rights charter came into effect.

The majority of complaints since March concern refunds, which most Canadian airlines have refused to give customers after canceling hundreds of thousands of flights due to pandemic travel restrictions, opting instead for flight vouchers or credit.

The 22,000 complaints racked up in less than a year contrast with the 800 submitted to the CTA in 2015 amid growing passenger frustration.

Streiner says that if legislation did not constrain him he would act “quickly” to fix a gap in regulations, which he claims compel airlines only to address reimbursement in their passenger contracts but not to provide it in situations outside their control.

Earlier this month, Transport Minister Marc Garneau announced he planned to negotiate an aid package for struggling airlines that would be conditional on them agreeing to offer refunds for canceled trips.

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