February 25, 2021



Contraband tobacco: $ 51,719 fine for a Trifluvienne – L’

La Trifluvienne Diane Tremblay, 53, was recently found guilty of offenses related to contraband tobacco. She was ordered to pay fines totaling $ 51,719.60.

A search carried out by the Trois-Rivières police at the home and in the offender’s vehicle in June 2019 led to the seizure of 47,600 cigarettes.

Diane Tremblay pleaded guilty to five counts.

Revenu Québec reminds people who carry out commercial activities related to tobacco products that they must hold the permits required by law. In addition, tobacco intended for retail sale in Québec must be identified in the manner and under the conditions prescribed by regulation.

Failure to comply with any of these obligations constitutes an offense and may result in a minimum fine of $ 6,000 as well as a maximum prison term of 2 years. People who buy contraband tobacco for personal consumption face a minimum fine of $ 350.