February 25, 2021



COVID-19: $ 4M more to help businesses in Trois-Rivières – L’

The City of Trois-Rivières will be entitled to a large share of the additional amount granted by the Quebec Ministry of Economy and Innovation to improve assistance to businesses affected by the COVID-19 pandemic via local funds from ‘investment. Of the $ 25 million announced, Trois-Rivières inherits $ 4 million.

This improvement aimed at emergency measures for small and medium-sized businesses – assistance component for businesses in regions on maximum alert will double the amount available in the COVID FLI managed by Innovation and Economic Development (IDÉ) Trois-Rivières, passing the envelope total at $ 8,168,535.

This new component makes it possible in particular to support SMEs for certain fixed costs that must be disbursed for the closing period in question, such as municipal taxes, rent, interest paid on mortgage loans, insurance and costs related to public services.

This improvement is timely since IDÉ still has about fifty requests for financial assistance to analyze.

“We hope that this new amount will allow us to validate all requests for assistance that meet the criteria,” notes Mayor Jean Lamarche.

Since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, more than $ 4 million has been granted in financial assistance to 150 businesses in Trois-Rivières, including those in the social economy. Financial assistance takes the form of loans.

During the public meeting of the municipal council on Tuesday, loans were confirmed at the Faste Fou resto-bar ($ 37,250), at Restaurants Geral inc / Pacini ($ 50,000), at Singerie Proactif ($ 12,000), at Gym Center-ville – solidarity coop ($ 7,800), the Buck Pub Gastronomique ($ 48,000), the Contrebandiers des Trois-Rivières ($ 25,000), the Temple ($ 15,000) and the Archibald ($ 50,000 ).