March 7, 2021

COVID-19 among residents of the CHSLD Cloutier-du-Rivage: they are doing well – L’

The Regional Director of Public Health, Dr. Marie-Josée Godi, provided an update this afternoon on the COVID-19 situation in Mauricie and Center-du-Québec.

We know that four residents and an employee of the CHSLD Cloutier-du-Rivage have received a positive diagnosis for COVID-19. They are well and have few symptoms, said the director of public health.

“The vast majority of residents were vaccinated in the week of December 22, ie 154 out of 160,” recalled Marie-Josée Godi, noting that the efficacy of the vaccine offers 95% protection at the second dose (90% after the 14the day of the first dose). 50% of facility staff have currently been vaccinated.

“It is too early for us to conclude that the protection of the vaccine is not optimal,” she says. With four residents affected, the proportion returns to 2.5%, which is far from the 10% vaccine failure. Prevention and control measures are in place.

Marie-Josée Godi underlines that the two sectors which are currently experiencing an increase in the number of cases in the region are in Drummondville and La Tuque: “We are currently seeing a slight increase in Trois-Rivières and the MRC de l’Érable” .

Otherwise, the trend is relatively stable or decreasing in other sectors of the health region.

“The place of acquisition of the virus is mostly at home, observes Dr Godi. Subsequently, we observe a lot of acquisitions that take place in the care and living environment.

Outbreaks, which had declined in recent weeks, increased in the past week, with 99 for the region. A portrait that she describes as similar to the one before the holiday season.


COVID-19 outbreaks in shops and businesses are also on the rise with a jump from 53 to 73.

“For staff, it is the procedural mask that is in effect in the workplace and not the face cover,” reminded the director of public health, stressing that several businesses deemed essential are still open.

A screening

Marie-Josée Godi insisted on the importance for people with mild symptoms to get tested. “The more careful the person is, the faster they will get tested. Screening must remain, in this winter period when we used to have respiratory viruses, the reflex to adopt ”.

She recalled that the time slots for screening have increased in Drummondville and La Tuque.

The vaccination

“The operation is going very well, our time slots are being filled to 100%. 91% of the doses received were administered. “

There are 7,800 doses of the Pfizer vaccine that were administered, mainly in Drummondville and Trois-Rivières, doses intended for health network personnel. Other vaccination sites are being evaluated in Shawinigan, Trois-Rivières and Victoriaville.

A total of 1,230 doses of the Moderna vaccine have been received with more to come this week. This made it possible to speed up vaccination among CHSLD residents. We know that 9 of these centers were the subject of a major vaccination campaign at the end of the week. We want to come to protect all the residents of the 27 CHSLDs with Moderna, an operation that we want to complete by the end of January. As for private residences, they should be vaccinated in February.

“The vaccine is currently available for priority groups. The population will be informed when the vaccine is available to other audiences, ”added Dr Godi, who insisted on maintaining health measures for the vaccinated population.

A tray

The Mauricie and Center-du-Québec are in a plateau described as “still high” by Dr. Marie-Josée Godi: “The number of cases affects vulnerable people, but who nevertheless leave hospital or care fairly quickly. intensive. The fact that there is a very important community transmission causes the virus to circulate, which can affect people living in the community who work in different sectors of activity, which are essential sectors, including the health network ” .