March 3, 2021



Does slower traffic no longer have to keep right? Roadshow

Q: Why did they remove all the “slower traffic keep right” signs from the left lanes?

Josh smith

AT: Some of these signs remain, even on Interstate 280. But HOV signs, merging signs and others have crowded urban areas, making it difficult to keep adding the signs you want.

Q: Other than wet roads, why do you not like cruise control?

Mo Langdon

AT: I feel cruise control can lull me into a sleep-like trance on busy roads like I-280.

Q: You understated the significant improvements for bicycle and pedestrian connectivity on Blossom Hill Road at Highway 101. A bicycle / pedestrian path, approximately half-mile in length, will be constructed between Monterey Road and the Coyote Creek Trail east of 101. The path will provide a continuous grade-separated facility that crosses over or under the ramps and would be elevated over the northbound on-ramp by 10 feet.

William Wagner, San Jose

AT: You are well-versed in this project, but there is much more to come.

Q: Is there anything at 101 and Blossom Hill for drivers, who are paying the $ 35 million to do this work?

D. Fuentes, San Jose

AT: Oh, yes. Here is what else is coming:

  • Adding one lane in each direction on Blossom Hill plus an eastbound lane leading to the northbound loop on-ramp.
  • Widening the northbound off-ramp to accommodate two left-turn lanes, one through lane, and one right-turn lane.
  • Reconfiguring the eastbound approach to the Blossom Hill northbound off-ramp with two left-turn lanes and two through lanes and modification of the traffic signal at the intersection.
  • Widening the 101 southbound off-ramp into three right-turn lanes and one left-turn lane along with modification of the traffic signal at the intersection.
  • Reconfiguring Monterey Road to eastbound Blossom Hill ramp to increase weaving distance between Monterey and 101.