March 4, 2021



Eight team names selected for the future Trois-Rivières hockey club – L’

The organization of the new team to come into the East Coast Hockey League (ECHL) has narrowed the funnel to eight possible names for future hockey roster. Citizens are also invited to vote via the

The names retained are the Flambeau, the Forge or the Blacksmiths, the Lions, the Riverains, the Saints, the Tritons, the 1634, or even the Trois-Rivières Hockey Club, quite simply.

“We received more than 500 suggestions for the name of the team, so it’s fun,” said Marc-André Bergeron, vice-president and general manager of training in Trois-Rivières.

“It shows great interest and enthusiasm on the part of people. It proves that there is already a lot of talk, so we are very happy with the response from citizens. ”

By entering the contest, you have a chance to win a jersey signed by the inaugural team.