March 5, 2021

Fraudulent appeals involving the Municipal Court – L’

The Police of Trois-Rivières are advising the population of certain fraudulent calls made to citizens involving the Municipal Court.

Citizens were reportedly contacted recently by an individual claiming to be an employee of the Municipal Court of Trois-Rivières. The suspect reportedly told his victims that they had outstanding fines and demanded immediate payment.

He would have been very insistent, even going so far as to insult his interlocutors. During these calls, the display falsely indicated the telephone number of the Municipal Court.

This scheme is also used by fraudsters claiming to be in the pay of public bodies such as the federal or provincial government, the RCMP or collection agencies. By increasing the pressure, the suspects encourage the victims to make a payment quickly by bank transfer or by purchasing service cards, the numbers of which will be passed on to fraudsters.

If someone calls and claims to represent a public body, it is important to verify if this is an official communication. For example, if the person claims to represent the Municipal Court of Trois-Rivières, we can ask him his name and his place of work and then tell him that you want to verify his identity.

The Trois-Rivières Police Department reminds us to never immediately respond to such requests. Instead, citizens should contact the official representatives of the agencies involved by researching their actual contact details for themselves, so that a real employee will be able to advise them on the merits of the request.