March 7, 2021

‘Hey I can kidnap you’: New details released in case of white supremacist pedophilia advocate who alleged kidnapped 12-year-old from California

FRESNO – A Virginia man who’s known for his pro-pedophilia advocacy, failed political run on a white supremacy platform, threatening the president, and now, allegedly kidnapping a 12-year-old girl, communicated with his victim through a website dedicated to rape and kidnapping fantasy, according to court records made public Thursday morning.

Nathan Larson, 40, of Catlett Virginia, is facing federal charges in California of kidnapping, child enticement, exploitation of a minor, receipt and distribution of child porn, and other felonies all stemming from last week’s incident when he arranged to meet a 12- year-old girl and take her across state lines. Authorities say Larson planned to rape the girl but he was arrested at a Denver airport on his way back to his home state.

When the case started, Dec. 14, Fresno detectives had almost nothing to work with: there was a frantic mother, a missing 12-year-old, and grainy footage from a security camera showing a red pickup truck pulling up to the girl’s home and leaving after one minute. But when police began interviewing the girl’s friends and family, they came to a chilling realization: for weeks, she’d been talking to a man online, and had shared her new acquaintance’s Wikipedia page with a friend, according to the criminal complaint.

It was Larson.

Police determined that Larson met the girl through Discord, an online gaming chat application, but that they’d also communicated on a European site that fetishizes rape and kidnapping. In one chat, the girl had posted, “I wanna b kidnapped but I’m also scared.” Larson rose to the occasion, according to authorities.

“Hey I can kidnap you,” he wrote, using the screen name “wristslit69996,” according to the complaint. He later told the girl that he wanted to rape her, authorities would determine at the investigation’s end, according to the complaint.

That same day, authorities heard from a relative of the girl who said he’d shown the girl’s picture to a ticket agent at a Fresno airport, who told him the girl had boarded a flight with an older man, the complaint alleges. Authorities say Larson forced the girl to wear a wig and act like she had a disability that prevented her from talking so that she couldn’t be questioned.