March 3, 2021



How To Choose A Sign Making Company?

The sign industry in Canada is complex. It is even governed by the Canadian Retailers Association (SAC-ACE), which aims to promote the well-being of the industry, improve the status of its members and provide users with the best possible products. Technology has evolved at high speed, which has forced sign makers to adapt to new realities, to the delight of customers.

When the time comes to choose your sign maker, you have to take your needs into account. What type of sign is needed? According to a study by the Canadian Sign Association in 2017, conventional sign manufacturing still occupies the bulk of the total industry, but digital signs are growing steadily.

An important and influential industry

Contrary to what most people believe, the sign industry, including installers, fabricators, welders, electricians, designers, writers, planners, vendors, and all other stakeholders who may be involved directly or indirectly in the design and manufacture of signs, represents a leading industry. About 4,000 companies in this field employ nearly 20,000 employees, with a total revenue of more than $ 3 billion, for all of Canada. This is why there is so much choice when it comes to determining which sign manufacturer the customer wants to deal with.

Understand the needs

Since their inception, sign makers must be able to understand the client’s needs. The definition of a brand has become more complex over time, but the essence of the message to be conveyed remains the same: to enhance the image of the company. When choosing your sign manufacturer, you must a priori make sure that he understands the message to be conveyed, the importance of it in order to attract the eye and positively mark the imagination of customers, present and future.

The importance of the materials used

The quality of materials is the second factor in choosing a sign design and manufacturing company. The choice of medium today surpasses the simple decision between electric or non-electric. Signs can be made from plastic, wood, vinyl, metal or glass. They can be in the form of light panels, neon signs, plaques or bulletin boards. The graphics can be enhanced by well-targeted lighting and the contour cutting can be done by CNC machine.

It is advisable to check with three different companies, in order to obtain a quote from each of them. Some companies specialize in a particular type of sign, perhaps the one the customer is looking for. Design and creative services differ from company to company, as does the range of products offered. It is therefore preferable to target a few companies and analyze whether the offers received meet the objectives that the client had raised. The human factor will also be decisive; a client who feels good with a representative will be more inclined to choose the latter. Everything goes through the customer experience.