March 7, 2021

Interview: Berlin’s Terri Nunn talks ‘Top Gun,’ gratitude, new album

Terri Nunn and the band Berlin were already well along the path to superstardom when they were asked to record a song for the 1986 Tom Cruise film “Top Gun.”

The song was the Giorgio Moroder produced-and-composed “Take My Breath Away,” which turned out to be incredible vehicle for Nunn’s memorably breathy vocals and the band’s lush synth-pop sound.

It also turned out to be one of the biggest tunes of the year, taking Berlin to the top of the charts for the first (and only) time, winning the Oscar for best original song and basically securing the band’s place in ’80s pop culture history.

Now, fans have the chance to have their breath taken away all over again by listening to Berlin’s terrific new release “Strings Attached,” which finds the band revisiting its biggest songs – including “Metro,” “No More Words” and, yes, “Take My Breath Away” – with the accompaniment of a full philharmonic orchestra.

I recently had the chance to talk with Nunn about “Strings Attached” – which is now out on the August Day Recordings label – as well as life with the SoCal-born Berlin, which also features primary songwriter / bassist John Crawford and keyboardist David Diamond . For more information, visit

Q: Hi, Terri. Such a treat to get to chat with you today. Let’s jump right into the main event here and talk about the new album. What led you and the band to take on this project?

A: I had played with orchestras prior to (August Day) approaching us. I had been with, maybe three or four times, different orchestras around America. It was mainly for charity events.

The first time I played with an orchestra – and they were playing my music – I cried. I never heard my music sound like this. It was huge. It was absolutely majestic.

It was so wonderful that anytime I got an invitation to play with an orchestra again, I took it. Because it’s just so fantastic to me.

So, when (August Day) came along and said “We’d like to do an entire album of Berlin music with an orchestra,” I was like, “Let me think about it… YEAH!”