March 1, 2021



It’s tradition! – The Weekly Journal

A glance at the traditions of the members of the L’ team.

The pajamas under the tree

Coming from a small family, there are not many of us for Christmas Eve. No matter what life has in store for us, at 4 to 6 or 10, we always make our Christmas Eve THE most beautiful of times: we put on our 36, good food, games and gifts! It’s the evening of the stars in the eyes! What never changes is the pajamas that I have given my daughters under the Christmas tree since they were very young. They are now adults… and their pajamas are waiting for them under the tree!

-Katy Champagne

The love of Christmas as a legacy

Ever since I became a dad, I have been trying to instill my love of Christmas in my children. Not only have we implanted the tradition of the surprise advent calendar, elf shots and the famous Santa Claus magic box, but each year we buy meaningful ornaments for everyone. My parents have also followed suit. Thus, when my two treasures leave the family nest, they will be able to leave with their box of ornaments that will remind them of their childhood, but above all, of wonderful memories.

-Jonathan Cossette

A special gift from Santa

As soon as I had children, every year under the Christmas tree, I put an identified gift from Santa Claus. All of Santa’s identified gifts contained brand new pajamas. That way, in my house, Santa Claus was fair with everyone who discovered their fabulous Santa Claus wrapping. And in the evening, everyone wore their famous brand new pajamas.

-Suzanne Blanchette

Marrying Quebec and Lebanon

With us, it’s a very decorated tree with a huge pile of gifts at the foot of the tree, with the whole family together. There is a Christmas village lit up on the piano and a big supper. On the menu: chicken with cranberries, Lebanese rice, Mansoffer meatballs, tourtières and spinach salad. And for dessert, there are at least 20 kinds of homemade bites, as many traditional Quebec and Lebanese recipes.

-Marc Lemire

Christmas at the Leblancs!

When I was very young, I looked forward to the evening of December 25 when uncles, aunts and cousins ​​would join us at my grandparents’ house. There were tons of traditions, but the one I liked best was that of the distribution of gifts. I remember we were all impatiently waiting for my grandfather to get up from his rocking chair to go and squat beside the tree. It was the great moment for us: we could finally open the presents! And no one other than Grandpa Fernand could improvise Santa Claus! Now, even though he’s been gone for more than 10 years, the tradition continues. It was my older sister who took over. Every time she crouches down next to the tree, I have a little thought for Grandpa Fernand.

–Audrey Leblanc

Spend Go, claim $ 200

At home, we always played two big games of Monopoly per year: one during the summer vacation and the other during the holidays. We spent the whole afternoon there! With the years and the departure of the family home, the tradition has died out, but I can’t wait to revive it with my daughter who, at 4, LOVES board games (really a lot!). There is no doubt that in a few years, we will be fighting a hot fight to get our hands on La Promenade…!

–Marie-Eve Alarie

A very special book …

For as long as I can remember, at least since I was old enough to eat candy (!), My mom always gives us a book full of Life Savers at Christmas. She takes care to wrap the box in Christmas paper, but my brother and I find it a waste of time since even before unpacking it, we always know what it is! Despite my 36 years, my mother still takes pleasure today to offer us this little gift and saying that it makes it one more to unwrap and I take just as much pleasure to eat them in my new pajamas that I received as a gift, too, the day after Christmas! Beware of those who try to steal me, these candies are mine!

-Amélie St-Pierre

Gourmet festivals

Holiday traditions have been a part of my life for as long as I can remember. As a child, decorating the house with my grandpa was without a doubt a much anticipated moment every year. “Wait for me before decorating Grandpa”, which I demanded with too much enthusiasm. On New Year’s Eve, Grandma’s famous turkey, accompanied by his legendary “mashed potatoes” were a must, ending with a good lemon pie. What more could you ask for! The least we can say is that I have a bright and gourmet memory of the holidays spent with my family.

-Marilyne Désaulniers

A recipe in demand!

For my part, every Christmas at my parents’ house, my mother makes a ball of cheese accompanied by small cookies. She wanted to remove it from her menu… but everyone asks for more every year! For the curious:

-Josianne Magny

A good fondue with the family!

My partner and I normally receive my parents, my daughter and my son-in-law (in addition, this year, my daughter and her boyfriend are expecting a baby girl for March 2021!), As well as my brother and his wife. I always make a fondue. You can chat while eating. This is followed by the skinning of the Christmas tree and, all this, in pajamas. The next day, we have a big Christmas lunch together. It really is a beautiful Christmas for me with everyone I love.

-Marie-Claude Laforce

Holidays with grandmother

It’s quieter today, but my most remarkable Holidays were with my grandmother. As we were the youngest, we spent the day there. Everyone passed at one time during the day: cousins, cousins, the oldest… The adults played cards while we played hide and seek. It was my aunt who cooked. The food that there was…! And it was not the same meal at noon and in the evening. She was to spend three weeks at cook to feed everyone!

-Claude Martin