March 1, 2021



Laflèche Sport-Hommage grant: happy Léa-Sophie Héroux elected – l’hebdo journal

The Fondation du Collège Laflèche and the Corporation Sport-Hommage Mauricie have unveiled the name of the student-athlete recipient of the Sport-Hommage Laflèche scholarship. This is Léa-Sophie Héroux, a student in Human Sciences, on the Sport-Studies – canoe-kayak path.

Léa-Sophie began her studies at Laflèche this fall. She therefore won the Sport-Hommage Laflèche scholarship valued at $ 1,805, which allows the selected high-level athlete to perform while benefiting from financial resources and the support of a mentor.

“I am very happy to be the recipient of this year’s Sport-Hommage Laflèche scholarship. Receiving this scholarship represents something very positive for me since it encourages me to continue to make efforts to surpass myself as much in my sports as in school. In addition to the financial support, I am fortunate to be able to count on my mentor Éric Bédard. He is always available if I have any difficulties, which is a huge asset to me. Several canoe-kayak athletes from my club who went through Sport-études at Laflèche loved their experience and I am very happy to be able in turn to benefit from the advantages of the program, ”she said.

The young athlete started her sport at 12 years old. In 2019, she finished 2e at the 1000-meter Provincial Canoe-Kayak Championships in the U-18 C1 category. In the same year, she also finished 4e at the Canadian Championships in the 200 meters in the Junior C1 category. During the year 2020, she attended a training camp in Florida in the spring and continued to train this summer on the Saint-Maurice River despite the pandemic.

“The last few months have required a lot of adaptation due to the absence of competitions and I would like to thank my coaches Mathieu Pelletier and Sébastien Btez from the Club de canoë-kayak de Trois-Rivières who helped me a lot to continue my progress and to stay motivated for the future. This scholarship is therefore a source of motivation for me and I am very happy to see that the College and the Corporation Sport-Hommage Mauricie encourage me in the pursuit of my academic and athletic goals. ”

The Sport-Studies program allows for a personalized schedule, the transfer of exams, additional courses in sports psychology and physiology and also personalized support from teachers.

“At Laflèche, our Sport-Studies structure allows student-athletes not to have to choose between high-level sport and studies. They can achieve high standards in these two spheres of activity, ”commented Stéphane Roy, responsible for sports studies at the College.

The nomination period for the Sport-Hommage Laflèche scholarship for the 2021-2022 school year has now begun. Those who wish to apply must complete a form available on the Collège Laflèche website.