March 1, 2021



Libraries collect food donations – L’

Trifluviens are invited to drop off non-perishable foodstuffs in one of the four libraries between November 27 and December 12. Note, however, that the Gatien-Lapointe library is temporarily closed during this period.

With this fundraising held in collaboration with the Artisans de la Paix and Moisson Mauricie / Center-du-Québec, the City hopes to help further garnish the Christmas baskets. Depending on the schedule of each library, citizens will be able to drop their donations into a box in order to make a difference at these special times.

A quarantine will be imposed on the food received so that the packaging and delivery of the baskets to families can be done safely.

Several options are also available for donating remotely. To do this, you can contact organizations in the region through their website, by phone or by email.

The City will also get involved with organizations to distribute Christmas baskets for the holiday season.