March 8, 2021

Micronesia reports first COVID case – Travel Industry Today

Micronesia, photo / Marek Okon

The small Pacific nation of Micronesia has reported its first case of the coronavirus after a crew member on an arriving ship tested positive. Home to 100,000 people, Micronesia had been among a dwindling handful of island nations to have avoided the virus altogether.

In an address to the nation, President David Panuelo said many people had heard the “alarming news,” but the case has been contained at the border.

Panuelo said one crewmember aboard the government ship Chief Mailo had tested positive after the ship had returned from the Philippines following more than a year of drydock repairs.

He said the crewmember has been isolated on board, that all other crew remain on board, and that the ship is being monitored daily by law enforcement.

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