March 4, 2021



My (final) AP top-25 football nerd: Alabama was the easy call, but then things got complicated

Ballot submitted tonight …

Of possible interest to readers:

I gave serious consideration to Texas A&M for the No. 2 position, ahead of Ohio State.

After all, the Aggies lost one game this season, to Alabama… just like the Buckeyes.

And they lost to Alabama by a score of 52-24… just like the Buckeyes.

And unlike the Buckeyes, Texas A&M lost to Alabama back when the Tide had its full complement of playmakers, before receiver Jaylen Waddle’s injury.

Eventually, I gave a slight edge to OSU for the No. 2 spot based on their victory over Clemson, which far surpasses Texas A & M’s best win (Florida).

Oklahoma was my pick for No. 4, based on how the Sooners finished the season.

Then came Clemson and Notre Dame, the ACC playoff entries that were dissected in the semifinals.

Here’s the ballot, and please note:

My early top-25 for the 2021 season will be published early Tuesday morning.

1. Alabama
2. Ohio State
3. Texas A&M
4. Oklahoma
5. Clemson
6. Notre Dame
7. Georgia
8. Cincinnati
9. Iowa State
10. Northwestern
11. Indiana
12. Florida
13. Brigham Young
14. Texas
15. North Carolina
16. Iowa
17. Coastal Carolina
18. Oklahoma State
19. Miami
20. Louisiana
21. USC
22. Ball State
23. Liberty
24. Tulsa
25. Buffalo