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They are named Charlie, Victor, Zoe, Leo, Sophie, etc. No, these are not the most popular names of 2020, but rather the ones that we bellow at the top of our lungs when we ask for the company of our best friends …

The list of the most frequent names of our dogs and cats, does it exist as with our babies? “Unfortunately, we obviously have the names of the 50,000 animals registered with us, but our database does not allow us to generate an automatic classification,” explains Claudia Boisvert, philanthropic development coordinator and assistant to the management at the Mauricie SPA. .

Never mind, consulting the list still allows us to identify certain trends that say a lot about our relationship with animals. “The most common names of dogs are often linked to popular films where they are found as heroes. For cats, these are often names with Monsieur or Ti before the name ”, reveals Claudia Boisvert.

Thus, the famous Saint-Bernard Beethoven; the super athlete Tobby; Milo, the Jack Russel from the film “The Mask”; Lucky or Luck, the golden retriever from “Homecoming”; are classics that never go out of style. “Mr cat is very popular with felines, but there are still many Ti-Blanc, Ti-Gris, Tigger and Ti-mine», Continues Claudia Boisvert.

Quebec has not yet implemented a practice that is current in France, that of suggesting giving a name to his dog according to his year of birth. Thus, in 2021, it is recommended to baptize French mutts with a name starting with the letter S. In this way, it is easier to determine the age of the animal according to its name: Rantanplan would be born somewhere in 2020 with this principle.

When it instituted this rule in the early 1970s, the Société centrale canine de France had at the same time deleted the letters K, Q, W, X, Y and Z, judging that the name bank was too thin. Thus, the Whiskey and Zoe who are popular in Mauricie according to Claudia Boisvert would be cataloged as visible minorities among their cousins ​​in France …

As we recalled previously, Beethoven is often retained as the name for a large dog, but perhaps because they evoke grace and agility, the great masters of classical music are more often associated with the feline breed. “Chopin and Mozart often come up as a name for cats, ”says Claudia Boisvert. And who knows why, but pit bull owners have a penchant for Tyson from the surname of a famous boxer not always in control of his emotions.

Sometimes, the SPA animals themselves have to find names for the boarding animals. Holiday themes are therefore a good source of inspiration, says the philanthropic development coordinator. So don’t be surprised if your new friend adopted in December is named after one of Santa’s nine elves: Tornado, Dancer, Fury, Dashing, Comet, Cupid, Thunder, Lightning and of course Rudolph.

Finally, if certain first names of people may be relatively suitable for an animal such as Romeo, Arthur or Caesar, it takes a certain amount of daring to baptize them Paul or Gisele, as can be seen in the records of SPA Mauricie.

Name of a dog, there are things that cannot be done …

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