March 3, 2021



Nissan Sentra Cup: Jean-François Dumoulin takes part in the development of the car – L’

For several months now, Jean-François Dumoulin has been involved in the development of the car that will be on track as part of the new Nissan Sentra Cup.

All the vehicles that will take part in the Nissan Sentra Cup are built from the base model of the Nissan Sentra “S” with six-speed manual transmission.

“The Nissan Sentra has a good base and a good width. She’s really fun to drive, is precise, is nervous. It’s going to make some good competitions, that’s for sure! ”, Launches the driver from Trois-Rivières, Jean-François Dumoulin, who had also worked on the development of the Nissan Micra Cup car.

The car has been modified with a racing suspension and high performance four-piston calipers, among others. Brakes supporting a higher temperature were also added to the car. The engine and gearbox remain original. In addition, the car will have a rear camera and a speed limit device to respect the limit allowed in the refueling pits.

(Photo Nissan Sentra Coupe)

“Compared to the Nissan Micra, the Sentra will be faster in the corners, more powerful, more flashy too. The pilots will be able to push it harder. In a race situation, perhaps we will see more overtaking or some errors on the track. It will give a very good show. We feel that the enthusiasm for the series is there, ”says the man who works with the Motorsports in Action team in Saint-Eustache for this mandate.

To ensure a smooth transition, the Micra Cup cars will be admitted to the Nissan Sentra Cup, but in a separate category. The Sentra and Micra Cup vehicles will share the grid, separated into two classes. The Sentra will be at the front of the pack, while the Micra will be behind.

“By keeping the Micra in the races, it will provide an entry level for the drivers who will then be able to climb the ranks,” points out the Trifluvien.

Jean-François Dumoulin has already been able to test the car before the onset of winter in order to optimize its performance on the track. “We’re almost ready to go back and test it, but it’s more difficult with the pandemic. We are really happy with the result so far and we continue to work on other developments. ”

In addition to contributing to the development of the Nissan Sentra Cup race car, Jean-François Dumoulin is preparing to resume his driving instructor activities in February. He would also like to return to NASCAR Pinty’s on the Grand Prix de Trois-Rivières and ICAR circuits. Remember that the eldest of the Dumoulin brothers did well at the last Trois-Rivières Grand Prix, in 2019, by climbing to the third step of the podium in NASCAR Pinty’s.