March 4, 2021



(OPINION) It ​​is high time … – L’

Mr. Bonnardel, Minister of Transport,

It has now been almost a year since I booked a two-week trip to Europe, which has long been popular. Unfortunately, since mid-March 2020, COVID has appeared in our lives and doesn’t seem to want to leave us any time soon.

My disappointment does not only come from not having been able to make this trip but, that of not recovering my money paid to the agency. Like many travelers from Quebec, I completed my application to the Compensation Fund for Customers of Travel Agents (FICAV).

We can read on this site, and I would like to remind you, the primary role of the Fund is financial protection from which travelers benefit automatically and free of charge by doing business with a travel agency holding a permit from the Office of the consumer protection, whether this agency operates in an establishment or on the Web.

In addition, for many of these clients, those few thousand dollars unreimbursed and associated with job losses due to COVID, for many, put them in a precarious financial situation. In these troubled and exceptional times, as of October 25, 2020, more than 35,800 clients are waiting for the Fund to fulfill its primary role rather than ensuring its financial viability.

Ironically to me, on the FICAV website it says that the provincial government is always looking at different scenarios.

Really ?!

I firmly believe that it is high time to stop procrastinating on different scenarios and fulfill the Fund’s primary task.

If the ceiling is still set at 60% of the total value of the Fund at the end of the previous financial year, with regard to the year 2020, knowing all that it is out of the ordinary, I believe that it would be more acceptable and legitimate than ” your “Government makes an exception and fills the gap by providing the shortfall to the Fund, to finally pay the amounts due to all Quebecers, doubly disappointed with” your »Government in this matter and not having made their trip.

This is not a matter of complaining; on the contrary, it is respecting their rights and giving Quebeckers back what they paid for. The stopping of most of these trips corresponds in every way to the written conditions of payment by the FICAV; among others, a natural disaster – the pandemic – and in our cases, the issuance, after the purchase of the services, of an official warning from the Government of Canada recommending to avoid all travel, or all non-essential travel, within the target location.

I beg you Sir, in the name of all these travelers, to settle this very irritating file as soon as possible and finally, to give back the legitimate due.

Nicole morin