February 27, 2021



Personalized workouts for moms – L’

Kinesiologist Kathryne Gervais has been offering fitness classes designed specifically for pregnant women and those who have just given birth for the past few months. Launched during confinement last spring, his company, Momki Bouge, is growing in popularity, so much so that it is struggling to keep up with demand.

A mother of two herself, she understands the reality of future mothers and those who have recently become mothers. “The idea of ​​offering courses to these women came to me after my first pregnancy,” says the entrepreneur. I had a great first pregnancy, I was active and everything was fine. But the delivery did not go well, it ended in emergency cesarean section, asleep. ”

“When giving birth, I realized that I was not that well prepared,” adds the latter. Even afterwards, in the post-natal period, there are things that I did not know. I was not equipped to start training again. ”

Kathryne Gervais, kinesiologist and owner of Momki Bouge.

From there was born his passion. Without hesitation, she began to follow training courses and collect all the relevant information related to this type of training. “By my second childbirth, I was well prepared and it went well because I knew where I was going,” explains Ms. Gervais. I was even able to give birth naturally. ”

For several months, she had the opportunity to teach classes tailored to pregnant women and new mothers at the clinic she worked for. But last April, she lost her job in the wake of business closures caused by the pandemic.

“There was no way I was going to let down my community of moms,” she says. I decided to make my passion a tailor-made job that suits me perfectly. I already had the necessary training and my exercises had been running for a year and a half. ”

“In April-May, when everything was closed, I gave one hour of lessons a day during my children’s naps,” continues Ms. Gervais. I accompany around 40 women per week. My approach is personalized. When you have children, you understand what it is. I always give options according to each woman. I have been following them for a long time, I know them. I have athletes like sedentary people. I have women who continue with me, even after postpartum. ”

In virtual mode

Due to the health context, its services are mainly virtual. She also helps future and new mothers through Facebook groups in which she offers free advice, exercise videos, interviews with other health professionals, tools to move, challenges to take care of. self, etc.

“I do not associate myself at all with the phenomenon of fitmoms who are obsessed with their bodies and weight loss, says Ms. Gervais. What is important for me is to move in a safe way, to achieve healthy recommendations in terms of physical activity, without social pressure. But the most important thing is above all to have fun moving. ”

To contact the kinesiologist or find out more about her services, consult the www.momkibouge.com. The links to its Facebook groups can also be found there.