March 7, 2021

QW4RTZ wants to bring the magic of Christmas to life – L’

Music has always been at the heart of the holiday season for the members of the QW4RTZ group, especially when they sang in Christmas masses with the Little Singers. It is therefore not a surprise to see Louis Alexandre Beauchemin, François Pothier-Bouchard, Philippe Courchesne-Leboeuf and François “Fa2” Dubé launching into the production of a Christmas album.

“It’s a magical time for us. It’s been a long time since we had in mind to make a Christmas album, but we know that it’s a big challenge that we are launching. But we have the impression that it is natural for us to go towards a Christmas album… and it is time to dethrone Michael Bublé from the top sales of Christmas albums ”, laughs Philippe Courchesne-Leboeuf, member by QW4RTZ.

This third album, which should be ready for the 2021 holiday season, will bring together as many Christmas classics, always in the a capella formula characteristic of the formation. QW4RTZ is also working on some original tracks to complete the album.

“It’s a long creative process, but we’re also trying to get into the creation of some original songs. We currently have two or three original songs in the works. We are accompanied by people from the field in the process and it is a super exciting challenge, ”says Philippe Courchesne-Leboeuf.

The quartet had already created an original song for the non-profit organization SOPAR-Bala Vikasa with which QW4RTZ is involved.

“We know that people are more critical of the holiday songs. It is also immensely to us. We align ourselves with songs that are not necessarily about Christmas, but rather are inspired by themes of family, of the break time that comes with the holidays. In short, themes close to us, ”he explains.

The group held a crowdfunding campaign through the La Ruche platform, which was successful on time. The goal was to raise $ 19,000 to contribute to the production of the album. Several rewards were offered to contributors.

“None of our albums would have seen the light of day without our fans. Their support gives us confidence and we feel that this project can have a life. We hope to be able to start recording in the studio this summer, ”concludes Philippe Courchesne-Leboeuf.