March 9, 2021

Raphaël Kiopini in NASCAR? – The Weekly Journal

The options continue to multiply for young Raphael Kiopini under the next season. The 19-year-old racer has confirmed having had discussions with two teams from the ARCA Menards Series.

This series is one of the many development paths to reach the highest echelons of NASCAR on American soil. Moreover, the young Raphaël Lessard has also proven himself in this circuit in the past, he who very recently found a second season in the NASCAR pickup truck series.

“I have always watched the NASCAR series from afar since I started. I am working together with my partners to look at this opportunity, ”Kiopini testified.

The adopted Trifluvien could therefore end up in private trials which will be held in Daytona, next February, near Florida. The two teams in question cannot be disclosed at this time. At the helm of 39 starts since his debut in motorsport (1 pole, 2 wins, 17 podiums), Kiopini could find himself on his way to the NASCAR series as early as 2021 if an offer suits him financially.

“The discussions will resume at the holiday season as other American pilots bring in thousands of dollars for a wheel while I, at 19, I do not have this method of operation. On the other hand, it is sure that if I like an offer, I will make my debut in the stock car in 2021, ”he added.

The Indycar at the top of the list?

Remember that the young driver always has an eye on the offers that have been made to him in single-seater for 2021.

“My formula offers towards the programs leading to the Indycar series are always very good. It was a contact from New York who offered to make the call. A full-time test wheel is currently under negotiation, ”he says.

Kiopini also spoke on the monetary stake of his next seasons in motorsport. Last season, he managed to unearth the support of Groupe BMR in the middle of the season to help him complete his campaign on the Formula 1200 side.

“I made that clear with the teams I am currently working with. They know that I am a young enthusiast and a young person determined to win, and not a payer. Negotiations are still active for 2021, ”he concluded.