March 1, 2021



Real estate market: teleworking is a game-changer – L’

The year 2020 has been very eventful for Quebecers, at all levels, whether on a personal or professional level. Many people have found themselves teleworking from home and have already had confirmation from their employer that this approach will be adopted in the long term. Real estate brokers have also seen it on the ground.

Some families have even already made the decision to leave the big cities of Quebec, mainly Montreal, to come and settle in Mauricie, in particular.

“We can clearly see a change, yes, especially families who come from Montreal. Before, we saw more investors for duplexes or triplexes, while now, we see a lot of families looking for single-family homes, confirms Darcy Côté, real estate broker at Proprio Direct. Of course, the local market is more advantageous than the Montreal market. We don’t ask people that much about their reasons for choosing, but I see a lot of large families, with four children, who need a house with four or five bedrooms, even more. I challenge you to find an affordable house with five or more bedrooms in Montreal. ”

“We have a lot of requests at the moment,” says Hassan Chellah, real estate broker at Via Capitale. It is teleworking that allows them to go into exile. In the regions, prices are cheaper and there is less traffic. There are a lot of advantages in the regions. ”

A survey conducted for Radio-Canada at the beginning of November revealed that no less than 42% of Montrealers intended to leave the metropolis in the coming years. The low interest rate attached to buying a home since the start of the pandemic is also pushing people who hoped to buy within three to five years to advance their plans.

“In fact, the interest rate is so low right now that it encourages buyers to invest before the time. On the other hand, there are hardly any houses on the market and many buyers, so the selling prices are increasing, ”explains Maxime Lefebvre, real estate broker at Proprio Direct.

“I have noticed a slight increase in outside buyers for cottages or second homes. I have the impression that since many employers wait until the end of the pandemic before giving their employees the right to work from home, we will probably not have significant effects for a few more months. ”

On the website, 311 properties are currently for sale in the Trois-Rivières region, compared to 1081 in the Mauricie region as a whole.