February 25, 2021



Royal Caribbean’s First Cruise Halted After Confirmed Case Onboard – Travel Off Path

Articles like this one are becoming annoyingly commonplace. Every time a cruise line has even a single case, out come the “doom and gloom” stories about how awful this is, how the cruise industry just isn’t ready, they should have waited, done a better job screening people, blah blah blah. COVID-19 is a fact of life for the time being, something we all just need to acknowledge and accept. But the world hasn’t stopped turning, and people have to continue to live their lives, and travel is a part of that. While vaccines are being developed, tested, distributed and administered, it doesn’t mean everything else shuts down or is held to a ridiculous 0% positivity standard. Cruises will keep going, some people will get sick, and a tiny fraction will die. A TINY fraction. Meanwhile, people can and should keep going on living, working, shopping, raising families, etc. Let’s please leave the scare tactic stories in the tabloid press where they belong.