March 2, 2021



Running: celebrate the Holidays with the Christmas Mesche – L’

The organization of Une fille qui court invites again runners from the region to La Mesche (Moment where humains s’etrain seuls in vscurrent ensemble) of Christmas, on December 25th. The world event will be in its 6th edition.

In total, more than 240 towns and villages in 20 countries and regions of the world vibrated to the rhythm of the footsteps the “day after the day before” and it will be the case again this year.

“We invite our running daughters to participate in this free event. They are invited to go out for the air, by going for a walk or by going for a run. It’s time, everyone at home, to give themselves a little gift and take a little time for ourselves by going to be physical activity in order to feel better ”, commented Laurie Bellerive, co-organizer of the event. “Give yourself a gift!”

It is well known that running makes you happy and that the endorphins secreted during running lead to being positive, energized and zen. The magnitude of the thousands of people who meet to run and walk everywhere on the same day on the calendar enters into the magic of Christmas.

To participate in this planetary movement, you must register for the Registration gives access to a personalized bib downloadable and printable by email.