March 2, 2021



Seigneurial mill of Pointe-du-Lac: an audio-guided outdoor tour

Seigneurial Mill of Pointe-Du-Lac: An Audio-Guided Outdoor Tour

A new experience will be offered next year at the seigneurial mill in Pointe-du-Lac. And this time, the visit will not be inside the walls of the museum. Rather, it will be the paths bordering it that will host an audio-guided course.

The course will include eight recordings accessible using a smartphone. “People will scan a code with their phone to listen to the audio recordings produced by Trifluvien David Dufresne-Denis. Each of them will focus on a specific theme. For example, the harvest of the cereal in the field or the arrival of the first settlers. There will be testimonials, stories and dialogues, ”explains Kim Gladu, customer service and communications coordinator for the Moulin seigneurial.

The historic site team has been working on the project since this summer with the aim of having everything ready for the month of June 2021. In addition, there is another novelty: a digital animation. This will be part of the guided tour offered inside the mill.

“It’s a cartoon made by the artist from Trois-Rivières, Suzie Bergeron,” says Ms. Gladu. It will show the path of the grain, from the field to the mill. We will see how we harvest the cereal and how the grain is transformed into flour. It’s a very short cartoon that lasts about 90 seconds and will be shown on television. ”

Boost visits

The aim of both projects is to add dynamism to the exhibitions. “With COVID-19 and the constraints that it brings, we also wanted to do a few things with the trails we have and which are used a lot,” adds Ms. Gladu.

“Locals and families love to come and walk on our trails, so we thought we were going to do something outside to enhance their visit,” she adds. The audio-guided tour is independent and can be offered even when it is closed. It is a complement to what we already offer. It’s something that adapts well to the health crisis and it highlights the outdoor areas. ”

It must be said that the exhibitions and visits almost all take place indoors, hence the idea of ​​enhancing the offer by focusing on the enchanting site.

“At each station, people will be able to learn more about the mill, but also about the Pointe-du-Lac sector,” says Alexandre Pétrin, activities and exhibitions coordinator. We are going to tackle parts of history that are not currently covered in the guided tours inside. Maybe it will give people who come for the walk a taste to come and learn more. We are banking on the fact that people will take the opportunity to take the guided tour. ”

The Moulin seigneurial team provide visitors with material for listening to the recordings. Thus, those who do not have Internet access with their phone will still be able to use it.