March 8, 2021

Shiny Celebi available in ‘Pokemon Go’ next week

The Pokemon Company is full of surprises and the latest one drops next week as “Pokemon Go” is celebrating the release of the newest movie in the franchise by offering up shiny Celebi. Yes, you read that right. Niantic is offering up a rare mythical shiny pocket monster as part of the movie’s release.

Starting at 8 am Dec. 14, players will have a chance at the pink version of the Time Travel Pokemon by completing a limited-time Special Research. Interestingly enough, Team Rocket villains Jessie and James will take players through the quest line instead of the usual Professor Willow. It also appears it will be a guaranteed shiny judging by the source material. (See the trailer below.)

Along with the shiny Celebi, players will have a chance to catch another version of Pikachu. This one is Explorer Pikachu and it can also be shiny. The Pokemon will also be featured in the Dec. 15 Spotlight Hour, which also has the bonus of double catch candy. In addition, Jessie and James will photobomb players but it’s uncertain what Pokemon will appear as the reward.

The bigger news is that from 8 am Dec. 14 to 10 pm Dec. 17 players will have a chance too catch a shiny Rufflet. It’s surprisingly cool-looking with blue on its wings instead of the normal red. Players will be able to find Rufflets in raid battles and 5km eggs. The Rufflet is part of a bigger “Secrets of the Jungle” promo that includes pocket monsters featured in the movie. They include Hoothoot, Nuzleaf, Drilbur, Cottonee, Dwebble (shiny available) and more in the wild. It appears that Durant will be the rare spawn.

On the raid side, Lickitung, Mawile and Flygon will be appearing in gyms for challenges. With 5km eggs, players can expect to see Igglybuff, Smoochum, Elekid, Magby and Bonsly.

Lastly, Dec. 25, which happens to be Christmas, will be a busy day for Jessie and James as they will appear in their signature Meowth balloons. They’ll also have different Shadow Pokemon than normal.

This is a surprise event amid an already busy December for the game.