March 7, 2021

Steph Curry to Trump after Capitol riot: ‘Cat got you tongue today huh?’

Several hours after a mob broke into the US Capitol building to delay the certification of Joe Biden’s electoral victory, President Donald Trump has still not condemned the riots.

Trump has been quick to condemn both riots and peaceful protests in the past, particularly in instances when the target of the demonstration has been police violence and racism.

Warriors star Steph Curry, who’s never been one to mince words about Trump, found an example from the president, showing he is capable of condemning rioting – if the conditions are right.

“There is literally a tweet for everything. Cat got your tongue today huh? ” Curry wrote, quote-tweeting a message from Trump this summer that suggested a minimum of 10 years in prison for any protesters who damage federal buildings.

Some rioters at the Capitol smashed windows to get into the building, and reports indicate there is more damage inside after the mob made its way through the hallways and into both chambers of Congress, forcing elected officials and staff to evacuate.

49ers cornerback Richard Sherman wondered aloud how police would have treated throngs of rioters entering the Capitol building if the rioters were Black.

“There are certain things my brain could never imagine…. and one of them is black ppl storming a government building and taking things without deadly consequences. But that’s just my brain, ”he tweeted.

In a separate post, Sherman referred to the mob as “terrorists”, echoing those who have labeled the Capitol storming an act of domestic terrorism.

Klay Thompson and Steve Kerr let others do the talking, retweeting posts criticizing the president and questioning the intelligence of the rioters. Kerr shared a post from sports commentator Jemele Hill, who like Sherman, pointed to the race of the rioters as a reason for their

“Let’s just be clear about something: The reason the Capitol police were slow to respond is because they gave these white people the benefit of the doubt and treated it like a joke,” Hill wrote. “Their reaction isn’t the same because they see black people as a threat that needs to be eliminated.”