March 1, 2021



Steve Ballmer’s USAFacts whips up more ‘table topics’ to stuff Thanksgiving talk with real data

(USAFacts Image)

Granny’s green bean casserole might be worth a second helping during any other Thanksgiving gathering, but this year the people at Steve Ballmer’s USAFacts are back with another platter of data.

There are plenty of touchy subjects to discuss as the nation works its way through a contentious election season and a pandemic that just won’t quit. If your holiday family time is going virtual this year, a common-sense argument can still be had over Zoom – and at least you can mute Aunt Karen!

Ballmer, the former Microsoft CEO and billionaire owner of the Los Angeles Clippers, founded Bellevue, Wash.-based USAFacts in 2017 in a nonpartisan effort to promote government data. Tea “Thanksgiving Table Topics” this year include numbers around COVID-19, race in America, immigration, jobs, firearms, climate and more.

Clicking on a topic offers a deeper dive on facts related to that subject. For instance, the COVID-19 topic is focused on the increase in cases of the disease in the US this fall. Clicking through again goes even deeper, with more helpful graphics.