February 27, 2021



The former Aigles Jr pilot at the helm of the Cascades – L’

With the departure of Matthew Rusch as coach of the Trois-Rivières Aigles for the next season, the Cascades Go Sport of Shawinigan had to find the one who will take over to lead the team. A well-known figure in the region and coach of the Aigles Junior de Trois-Rivières, management approached Jean-Philippe Lemay to lead the Shawinigan team.

For the new coach, the fact of knowing almost all of the group has tilted his choice positively. Lemay coached the Junior Eagles in 2015 during the impressive 32-game winning streak.

“First I wish Matthew Rusch at the helm of the Eagles, but I also want to thank him for all the colossal work he has done over the past two seasons. I’m back as a coach after two years of absence, ”he said.

“It’s a league that I know well. The situation was good for me as well as for the organization. The main motivation is the group of players in place. I don’t think we can replace a Matthew Rusch, but we can go and find depth to achieve the ultimate goal, which is to win the last game. (…) There are a lot of players in the team that I have managed, others with whom I have played and others against whom I have played. It’s quite funny. And that tilts my choice in the balance. ”

Lemay thus becomes the fifth manager of the training. The latter also relies on the veteran pitcher of seven seasons Jean-Félix Proulx, who will be assistant coach and coach of the pitchers. “I wanted to have a right-hand man who knows the guys, the organization, and who is a friend,” adds the coach.