February 25, 2021





Imagine the following scene for a moment. One day, a fire breaks out in a business, devastating everything in its path. When the firefighters arrived, the damage had already been done, thousands of expensive items went up in smoke. In question? The sprinklers were no longer working. A regular maintenance of said jets would no doubt have allowed the fire to lose intensity rapidly. That’s all the importance of sprinkler maintenance. But why is it so important to install it in your building, residential or commercial? First, let’s see what a nozzle is.

What is a sprinkler?

It is an extinguishing system connected to various pipes in the air and which activates automatically when the heat of a room or a building becomes excessive, during a fire, most of the time. As a result, water spurts out (hence the name of the device!) In order to control the flames.

In all, there are four different models of sprinklers. Here they are, followed by their main characteristics:

  • The deluge-style sprinkler system allows all small devices to squirt water… at the same time! The deluge nozzle is installed in places more susceptible to the lightning of a fire.
  • Preaction sprinklers are used in places where computer systems abound. To prevent any accidental flooding, these sprinklers are equipped with faster detection and protection.
  • Underwater sprinkler hoses are always filled with water and ready to squirt when the need arises. These are the most used.
  • Finally, the dry type sprinkler is made to be installed in places that are not heated. In order to prevent the water from freezing, the pipes contain pressurized air, which is released, when the need arises.

The importance of sprinkler maintenance

It is very important to regularly maintain the sprinklers that are located in your building. In fact, the owner of the building or business has a duty to ensure the safety of all residents and passers-by of said building. In this sense, here are some reasons that should push us to perform maintenance on sprinklers :

  • Sometimes long minutes can pass before the fire brigade arrives. Well-maintained sprinklers will have no trouble activating, greatly reducing the risk of spread.
  • As mentioned above, the health of building occupants or passers-by is a priority. Ensuring proper sprinkler maintenance gives you considerable peace of mind, knowing that sprinklers can be trusted to maintain their health and safety.
  • Over time, the gasoline, which allows a good use of sprinklers, may leave deposits near the valve, causing irregularities in spraying. Worse, it can cause a complete blockage, blocking any water supply.
  • Cleaned and well-maintained sprinklers will stand the test of time better.

Sprinklers can save lives during a fire in a building or a business, it is undeniable. We should therefore not skimp on their maintenance. Speaking of cleaning this can be done by sprinkler maintenance experts. Having everyone’s health at heart, they will carry out the maintenance with professionalism and sensitivity.