February 26, 2021



The LHSAAAQ cancels the 2020-2021 season – L’

The LHSAAAQ cancels the 2020-2021 season

Patrick Vaillancourt – Icimédias

It’s now official, there will be no 2020-2021- season in the Quebec Senior AAA Hockey League (LHSAAAQ).

The LHSAAAQ governors made the decision in the past week.

“The decision was made following the latest announcement from the Quebec government that restaurants will be closed at least until January 11. It seemed like a bell for everyone, says the president of the LHSAAAQ, Dominic Lussier. We would have liked to start the season at the beginning of January, thinking that with the government’s requests to be quiet in November, it could have opened the positions for everything. If the restaurants are still closed on January 11, we do not have much hope of playing a season with spectators. ”

It should be remembered that there was no question for the teams of the league of playing games under the bar of 250 spectators for a question of profitability and viability. All the teams were ready to play in front of 250 people, except Bécancour due to different directives from the municipality.

“You have to look at what is happening for the major junior, the teams play behind closed doors and in a bubble, personally I believe that the leaders are putting their product at risk. I’m a sports fan in general, but I’m not interested in going to see statistics on the Web, ”opines the president.

In doing so, Mr. Lussier explains that it is a wise decision that will not jeopardize the viability of the league and the nine teams. “Even if we took the chance to play an eight-game season starting in February, we must also look at the question of sponsors. The issue of a spring tournament was raised, but I’m not sure it would be responsible for the league to play guys who haven’t played for 1 year at a certain level of competition. The risk of injury is too great. ”

In terms of hockey operations, the LHSAAAQ will meet with the various governors to establish the scenario for the next draft. “Are we going to do a lottery?” Will we take the standings from the last season? We will make a decision shortly with the governors, ”adds the president.