March 2, 2021



The monumental staircase closed for winter – L’

The monumental staircase in downtown Trois-Rivières will be inaccessible to citizens this winter.

The City of Trois-Rivières explains that it made this decision because of the complexity of maintaining the stairs during the cold season.

“Normal maintenance means are difficult to apply to this staircase,” specifies Ghislain Lachance, Director of Public Works. The spreading of salt damages the steps, risers, electrical wiring for lighting and writing. With strong machinery, it breaks ends of the stairs. In short, we would break it more than anything else. “

This is the first time that the monumental staircase will be closed during the winter, but the presence of another staircase nearby will not complicate the movement of pedestrians, believes the council.

“We prefer to keep the beauty of the staircase intact rather than risk breaking it with significant mechanical means. Moreover, manual maintenance would not be enough and this could lead to dangers on the stairs, ”adds Mr. Lachance.

Work will be done on the monumental staircase next summer to give it a little beauty. The City will invest a few hundred thousand dollars in these repairs, which appear in the City’s three-year capital plan.