March 7, 2021

The Quebec Federation of Workers (FTQ) begins its tour – L’

From December 9 to 11, the Federation of Workers of Quebec (FTQ) is launching a tour of the regions of Quebec 2020-2021. Its first stop was in the Mauricie / Center-du-Québec region.

The objective of this training, carried out in collaboration with the Center de formation économique du Fonds de solidarité FTQ and the Institute for Research in Contemporary Economics (IRÉC), is to meet activists in order to make them aware of the effects of the pandemic on the economy of their region and their workplaces, as well as to reflect on the challenges that this crisis imposes on us.

“In the past, we have had the chance to produce a training program equipped with tools to make people understand the issues of society by taking the angle of the impacts and issues in their workplace. We have developed a training format and we have them validated by regional advisers, in particular on the equation of the problems that we identify, ”said Robert Laplante, Director General of IRÉC.

“We are establishing parameters for the region’s labor market in relation to how the situation is unfolding in all regions of Quebec.”

Participants will have to reflect on the demography and the regional economy, the impact of COVID-19 on workers and businesses, support measures and economic solutions for a successful recovery.

“How can we identify ways out of this crisis, and the strengths and weaknesses to get out of the crisis? There are several ways out and initiatives to improve the carbon footprint and the economic structure. It is a complete exercise and we are confident that the participants will find keys for the players in their environment, ”adds Mr. Laplante.

“If we try to place the region (Mauricie / Center-du-Québec) among the other affected regions, it is roughly in tenth place. The slaughter industry and the globally affected aerospace industry have been heavily affected. One of the objectives of this training is to disentangle the concepts. Of course, there are companies that will have to change the way they operate and that will therefore have to call on training. ”