February 27, 2021



The renovation of the terminal in the sights of Louise Charbonneau in 2021 – L’

For her first year as a Member of Parliament for Trois-Rivières in the House of Commons, Louise Charbonneau’s team has been quite busy. In 2020, his constituency office handled nearly 1,500 requests for information and support related to the measures put in place by the two levels of government since the spring, but also in the area of ​​immigration.

“Virtual parliament, hybrid parliament, it takes a lot of hours in front of the computer and constant attention. We had many restrictions in terms of contact with citizens. We work a lot for seniors and we got $ 300 and $ 200 for seniors who were forcibly snatched from the government, ”says Ms. Charbonneau.

Since her election, Louise Charbonneau has wanted to advance major projects with, at the top of her list, the high-frequency train, the terminal and the Port of Trois-Rivières projects. Files that have made little progress since her election, but Louise Charbonneau remains hopeful.

“What I learned is that when you’re in federal politics, it’s very slow to get results. For the airport, it’s coming. I continue to work for it. I cannot give you dates ”.

In this regard, she says she is on the heels of François-Philippe Champagne, federal deputy for Saint-Maurice – Champlain and Minister of Foreign Affairs, Marc Garneau, Minister of Transport, and Xavier Barsalou Duval deputy for Pierre-Boucher – Les Patriotes – Verchères and spokesperson in transport in the Bloc Québécois. “I’m touching wood to make it happen in 2021.”

Louise Charbonneau has often been criticized for being little present since her election. And she knows it.

“This criticism may be fair, but unwarranted. The job of a member of Parliament is four days in Ottawa and one day in his riding. We’re doing our best. The first job of an MP is to sit and vote. Due to the pandemic, contact was restricted. At my age, I was protected a lot. I am not the woman of the cameras and the interviews, but the one who works in the field. What matters is the citizens, this is my priority and I think I was elected for that. “

When she looks to the future, MP Charbonneau would like to be able to finally say that she has settled the Trois-Rivières terminal issue. “That the terminal be renovated, that we can keep jobs in Trois-Rivières, that the train move forward. Our location is important and I want it to be highlighted. “

For now, he likes political life. ” I love that. I feel that I can make a difference when I vote, when I ask questions in the House. When I get those 65 and over to have a better pension, I’m going to be very happy, ”she concludes.