February 28, 2021



The STTR fully maintains its service offering – L’

Following the new measures announced Wednesday evening by the Prime Minister, the Société de transport de Trois-Rivières (STTR) has decided to fully maintain its service offer. No change is expected for urban transport users and the regular schedule will therefore remain in effect.

This orientation is taken in particular to meet the mobility needs of essential workers, including workers working in the health network. The service is also maintained for the paratransit service.

“We know that many essential workers use public transit to get to work. For us, it was therefore important to continue to offer the same service, despite the drop in ridership which is to be expected following the measures announced by Mr. Legault ”, explains Michel Byette, president of the STTR.

The situation could nevertheless be reassessed depending on the evolution of the crisis or the extension of the confinement period. Scenarios are currently being studied to meet the needs of essential workers while optimizing the resources allocated to the STTR.

Reminder of the instructions to be observed in public transport

  • Do not use public transport if you have flu symptoms;
  • Wear a mask or face cover on the bus (neck warmers are not accepted);
  • When boarding, wash your hands with the disinfectant dispenser;
  • Sneeze or cough into the crease of your elbow only;
  • Throw away your used tissues in a trash can outside the bus;
  • Exit through the back door of the bus;
  • Follow the instructions given by STTR employees.