March 1, 2021



UQTR student ranks first in CPA final exams – l’hebdo journal

The results of the 2020 Common Final Examination (CFE) for Chartered Professional Accountants were released on November 30. This examination by the Ordre des CPA du Québec is a decisive step towards obtaining the CPA designation. A candidate from Trois-Rivières won the prize by arriving first among the 1183 Quebec students who passed this exam, which is held simultaneously across Canada.

Ariane Villemure, a graduate of the University of Quebec in Trois-Rivières obtained the best provincial score in the exams. This feat earned him the Gold Medal for Quebec, as well as a $ 2,500 prize from CPA Canada.

She does not know with which precise note she succeeded. She just knows she’s the best!

“We only know if we passed the exam or not and if we rank on the honor roll. In my case, I was lucky to come first. It’s so emotional at the same time. We work so hard throughout our baccalaureate and our entire 2nd cycle. To see that I managed to have a success like that, it is a great pride, a feeling of accomplishment. I felt ready. You never really know what to expect. There is always a little stress. But I did not believe I would achieve these results! “

Yes, because being first among 1183 people has a huge impact on a resume. It is easy to understand that she has already found a warm place in the KPMG offices in Quebec where, at only 23, she works in audit and certification.

“I have several mandates. I like the numbers side, but also the human side, ”says Ariane, who is currently working remotely from Yamachiche, where she lives.

The Quebec CPA Order spared no efforts to ensure that everything ran smoothly during these exams, which were held for three days last September.

The Order mobilized 475 volunteers across Quebec to see to the smooth running of the exams and to supervise the candidates individually installed in hotel rooms for the occasion. Ideal conditions to meet health standards in these times of COVID-19.

Other graduates were able to join the Canadian Honor Roll of the 74 candidates with the best results in the country. Twelve of them are from Quebec. They will each receive a $ 1,500 scholarship from the Quebec CPA Foundation. Xavier Therrien, a student from the University of Quebec in Trois-Rivières is of this promotion. The others are from Montreal, Sherbrooke and Quebec.

Annie Villemure embarked on this adventure with her eyes closed. The prick for numbers was inoculated to him from his CEGEP in accounting. Now all he has to do is write his essay to obtain his master’s degree in business administration (MBA). Where does she see herself in ten years? “Right now, I like what I’m doing. Maybe I would like to teach and give it to the next later. “

The EFC exams assess candidates’ skills in financial reporting, strategy and governance, management accounting, auditing and assurance, finance, and taxation. But not only. Candidates like Ariane Villemure must also demonstrate strong skills in leadership, communication and teamwork, as well as ethics.