March 3, 2021



US State by State Quarantine and Testing Rules – Travel Off Path

New York

10-Day Quarantine and / or Testing Required

Travelers and residents entering New York from out of state or from a country designated by the CDC as level 2 (moderate risk) or 3 (high-risk) must fill out the New York State Traveler Health Form and quarantine for 10-days.

(Note: Almost every country in the world is a level 2 or 3)

New Jersey, Connecticut, Pennsylvania, Maine and Vermont are exempt from the form and the quarantine.

Testing To End Quarantine Early: As of November 4th, there is a double testing protocol in order to leave quarantine early.

Here is how it works: The traveler must take a test within three days of departing for New York. Once arriving in New York, the traveler will quarantine for 3 days. Then, the traveler can take a 2nd Covid test on day 4, and after receiving negative results from the 2nd test, can leave quarantine early.

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