February 27, 2021



VIRTUALLY THERE: Getting ready for Nevis – Travel Industry Today

The Nevis Tourism Authority (NTA) is aiming to woo increasing numbers of visitors to the island when travel returns with the launch of a new video that highlights the off-the-beaten path adventurous side of this green island of rolling hills and verdant pastures.

Now available on the official tourism website of the Caribbean nation (which is joined with St. Kitts) as well as social media channels, the video takes visitors on an picturesque journey across the island, showcasing panoramic, breathtaking views and introducing the wide variety of land and water-based tours and attractions available to guests.

Nevis Tourism Authority CEO Jadine Yarde is confident that the promotional video will play an important role in the destination’s marketing efforts to entice visitors in a post-COVID era.

“As we welcome visitors back to Nevis, our aim is to share the wealth of experiences that we offer to travelers who wish to encounter first-hand the beauty of our island. I believe we captured the essence of Nevis, while introducing new aspects of our island that might be unfamiliar to our potential guests. We are so much more than just a beach destination; we hope that our audiences will enjoy this new take on their Nevis vacation through this stimulating video, ”she says.

The video opens with a message declaring Nevis’ readiness to welcome visitors and takes viewers on 90-second expedition by air, land and sea, providing a taste of all that the lush and tranquil island offers visitors; as a well jogging memories of what they have experienced in the past.

Check it out HERE. https://youtu.be/gNkQGUD2DmE

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